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Sunday October 20, 2002

My family loves me

Since I've gone off to school, I've noticed that when I come home my parents treat me like royalty. It's nice. Friday evening when I pulled up into the drive, my dad carried all of my things inside the house. He took my laundry downstairs which my mom offered to wash (I did it myself, though) and made me dinner. They had gone grocery shopping to buy my favorite things, too. Saturday my mom made me breakfast and my dad paid for my ticket at the Lakeland Intertribal Indian Pow Wow. This morning, my mom puts a $20 bill in my hands, and my dad gives me $10. I think they think I'm super poor (which is kinda true), but I'm obviously not starving, or anything. They also save all their quarters, so that I have money to do my laundry. Really, I have it made. My little sister was even complaining about it. I bet when I graduate I won't have it this nice, so for the time being I'm making sure to be grateful for the awesome perks college life is giving me. Yay.