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Tuesday August 27, 2002

What I love most

There is nothing better in the world than walking into a room and seeing familiar faces, friendly faces, looking back at you. I love Western Art II, even though my hand hurts from note-taking. Even though the teacher talks too fast for me to catch everything. Even though I only signed up because I had to. Even though it's three hours long. Everyone is there. I like that. After I got out of class at nine, I came back here for the floor meeting in my hall. Everyone, including people I don't know (though I've seen them walking around the floor the last couple days) is very cool. We all went into my room to take pictures (we have a flag hanging up that people wanted to stand in front of). There is a girl from my hometown of Euclid on my floor. There are also a few out-of-staters. I bet they felt homesick coming here for the first time.

Tomorrow I start printmaking. And that will be another class full of familiar people (yay). Cheesy. But nice. I want to make prints, messy as it may be, because I want cool new pieces to add to my online art gallery. It's expensive. I dropped $70 at the bookstore buying some of the supplies. I don't care. Whatever money I burn for this whole college thing, I have a feeling I'll still be provided for. God is cool like that. Don't ask me why some 'God' people are poor. I don't know. But I know I'm not. So I have no worries.

Time to make prints. Or, sleep really. Tomorrow it will be time to make prints.