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Wednesday August 21, 2002

Or maybe my memory sucks

I think I've been fantasizing a little too much this summer about my dorm room this year. I drove to school today to help Steph move in, and when I walked into our room I couldn't believe it was the same one I toured last May. It's a lot smaller than I remember. It's still bigger than the midget closet I had last year, but it still looks so small to me now. The room itself is weird. There is no flat space against any of the walls. They're all lined with pipes or wiring, so nothing can actually sit flat against the wall. It took an hour for us to decide where to put our beds. I think Steph's dad was annoyed with us, because we kept moving desks and futons and dressers back and forth accross the room, trying to figure the room layout. We'll probably still re-arrange stuff when I move in on Sunday.

I'm excited to start a new year, but I don't think I'm ready for the million and a half papers, exams, and projects I'll be forced to do this semester. My least favorite professor, Satan, is teaching Research Methods. That class is evil to begin with. I'll have to create and execute my own research study. But having to take it with Satan doubles my displeasure. I just don't wanna. God help me.