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Monday August 19, 2002

We all love Photoshop

Oh, the things people do when they have no lives. Some nice photoshop work, though. I'm guessing it was a 24 year-old guy with no girlfriend. And who still lives with his parents. And who dropped out of high school, because he was too busy playing video games. I guess I shouldn't talk. I have a web site.

Last night I downloaded This Is Your Time by Michael W. Smith because I'm a big loser. No, I'm not a huge Smitty fan. I usually think Christian music is mostly cheesy, but I love that song. It makes you wonder, what would you say if faced with that question? What is more important, this life, or the next go-round? That song takes me back to those evil days, after the Columbine shooting. Everything was just dark. Dark, dark, dark.


heather phillips on January 21, 2006 08:54 PM