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Monday April 15, 2002

I love my birthday

My parents surprised me yesterday morning with cake and balloons, as they do every year. We went out to eat at the Roadhouse, where underpaid dishwashers and busboys clapped and sang me their birthday tune. The whole restaurant was into it, clapping along and embarrassing me. What else could I expect from a family outing?

After that we stopped at my dorm so that I could change for the gallery reception. We walked into the gallery, and my parents saw my picture hanging there, and my dad got that proud father look in his eyes. I'm really proud of them for not saying anything to embarrass me. My mom walked around and found some pieces that she liked, and actually did not say anything about the explicit bondage photo I was so worried about. No complaints. We were happy.

After we visited some friends in Avon Lake so that I could take pictures of their children for my imaging class. I'm illustrating an eight page book about kids who make a wish to visit another planet (and do). They were cute. They went out in the rain and got all muddy. The youngest kept saying look at my butt! I didn't realize he sat in a puddle, and he was trying to show me that he was all wet.

And so now my birthday is over, I'm a year older, and I'm spending the day after (that would be today) yet again freaking out over what classes to take next semester. Same old crap, different day.