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Thursday April 11, 2002

Whoa, whoa, whoa

Right before color theory class today, I took a stroll through the gallery. I walked up and looked into the glass door and saw my framed drawing hanging up on the front wall. I had seen my drawing there before, sitting against the wall on the floor, but not yet hanging. And I looked at, trying to imagine what it looks like to people seeing it for the first time. What will they think? Will they think, this girl needs to learn a few things? Will they see it as just another piece in a room full of many?

I have to say, it was a rush seeing it hang there. This is the first time, the very first time, I've ever had any artwork I've done hang anywhere but my mom's refridgerator and my best friend's bedroom wall. It's in a gallery. People will see it. I made it into a juried show, and I can't be more thrilled. Wow, I really sound like a dork. I just can't believe that the stupid drawing I stressed out over --the one I stayed up every night to finish, is hanging in a gallery. I feel like maybe someday I'll be able to say I'm an artist --not just an art student. I have light years to travel before I'm good enough for that label, but I think I can do it.

The opening is on Sunday, my birthday. I want to go, but I know my family will want to. And there are some pieces in the show that I know will upset my fanatically Catholic mom. But I want to go. Dilemmas, dilemmas. I'm in a show. Holy freakin cow.