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Wednesday April 10, 2002

Artsy butterflies

I'm nervous about this exhibit. The opening is on Sunday at 2 pm, which is on my birthday. I don't know of a better present I could have than to see my drawing hung up on the gallery wall. That, I'm excited about. But I'm nervous about the placements. I'm really not expecting to win anything, but I would love to have at least an honrable mention. I worked hard on that damn thing. I posted a webcam shot of it in the online gallery here (there's a glare, though).

I'm addicted to the Osbournes. Madly in love with it, yes I am. We were all watching it last night. It's nice to see Ozzy (who's brain is fried more than KFC's best) tell his son to stay off the drugs... Bleeps aside, he seems like a good dad. And I love Kelly's hair. I want pink.