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Sunday April 07, 2002

Waiting for a word

No word on the show, whether my drawing made it in or not. I have no idea. And I don't know if they've picked the winners yet. I'm not expecting anything, I just really want to know that I belong with the other art freaks here. I think I do. Funny --as a child I fit in with everybody; as a high school student I fit in with nobody; and as a college idiot I'm finding my niche. I like that.

Yesterday was Sarah's 22nd birthday party. She gave me an invitation with her birthday wishlist... nice. She had her usual house party, complete with drunken gay boys everywhere.

Today I drove downtown to take pictures of the city for my imaging project. Fantastic Cleveland is the name, and we are to make four postcards. I don't think my mom understood the idea of showcasing Cleveland's bright spots. She suggested I take photos of the homeless in the projects. Sure.