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Sunday March 24, 2002

My to-do list

I just got back to school, and it's snowing like crazy outside. Nice. This weekend I went shopping with my sister for her prom dress. We walked into this one store not expecting to find anything, and there she found her dream dress. For $170. Which she didn't have. Which I signed up for a credit card to pay for. Which she will pay me back for. Hmmph.

It's blue, kinda shimmery, one strap over the left shoulder with some small sparklies. I'm not really one for sparklies (or prom dresses for that matter) but I think this one is actually pretty. Classier than most of the prom dresses I've seen lately. It fit her like a glove, and it really was beautiful. Her date will be happy. I also watched AI with Sarah. I really liked it up until the part with the magic anorexic aliens. Why do there always have to be magic anorexic aliens?

I have a lot to do this week:
1. Finish drawings for entry into student art show
2. Return severely overdue photoshop book to library
3. Pay room deposit for next year (where is my tax check already?)
4. Go to room draw, Wednesday 3/28 at 7:15
5. Meet Maggie on Thursday, get Office disk back
6. E-mail SPSS professor with hypothesis statement
7. Find landscape pictures for color theory
8. Return Stephanie's Mozart cd sitting here
9. Finish tabloid project for imaging class

I'm ready for summer break already.