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Sunday March 17, 2002

I wish I had a laptop

Okay, you know what I did this break? I worked. I just got back to school. I had to haul all my crap up to my room all by myself. The walk from the parking lot was nice. It rained on me, and now the clothes I was carrying in my laundry basket is wet. Nice. I miss my computer. I just checked my e-mail for the first time in like, a week, and I got this nice little message from my sister-in-law. It was a forward about being friends. That was cool... I needed it.

I got this in the mail too: We all need a little insanity.....or is it just me? No, in reality, I'm normal and you're the one who's way out there. Is there anything wrong with my world? No, so it's filled with spiky-haired Japanese guitarists that wear too much eye makeup and dresses, that's completely normal. What about the vocalists that look like vampires? My world is nothing out of the ordinary, it's the real world with a new twist!

I'm not sure I have a complete understanding about what that means, but it sounds interesting. By the way, for the person in my guestbook who mentioned something about me being 16, I'm actually 21. Maybe some other webmaster said that? I dunno. I'm in college. Not 16. Thank you, sweet Lord.