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Sunday March 03, 2002

Thanks, anonymous

What someone wrote to me today: I like the site, I want to see you though! My site used to be a lot like this, then I realized no one would hire me if I gave everything away, now it's sheltered, and although I miss sharing it with the world, it makes those things I do share more valuable and studied... anyway, I wish the best for you as a young artist, enjoy school, take lots of vacations abroad and do things on your own.

I think that was nice... who ever you are (didn't leave your name) thanks.

I just got back here at school, I'm all by myself listening to some Shakira song about things underneath your clothes... I still haven't put my clothes away. I just realized I have a few too many pairs of pajama pants. I can't help it. I find them at Old Navy and I just have to get them. I bought another pair this weekend. Blue stripes... Damn than credit card, getting me in such trouble already. I need to hold onto my cash. BW just raised tuition by another grand or so for next year. I wish someone rich would be nice to me and send $25,000. That would cover it.