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Wednesday February 20, 2002

Go Goebel

I spent last night watching figure skating, and I ended up not doing my homework. But Dr. Brant didn't collect anything, so I'm safe. I'm glad that Michelle beat that Russian girl in the short program, because I hate her. She seems like a brat. I hope she falls on her rear during the next skate. I still have to say that Timothy Goebel is my favorite. My friend thinks he's gay. I hope not, I mean he is from Lakewood (San Franciso-like city about 15 minutes from here) but I don't want him to be gay. Why are the cute ones always gay???

I have this theory that the only guys worth spending five minutes with are either gay or taken. So far, the guys I've come across on campus are either jocks in fraternities (not my type) or are gay (I'm not their type) or are taken (I won't touch it). What am I supposed to do with that? This makes me wish for simpler days, when I wasn't living in rich white country, and I was back home in ghetto Euclid with guys who don't drive beamers.