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Sunday February 17, 2002

I love air

Oh how good it feels to breathe again. And swallow again. And not sound like a 70 year old chain smoker. I'm not sick anymore, praise the Lord! Well, I still have that weird "sick voice," but it's going. I'm happy.

This whole weekend I've been thinking about Eric, what he's doing. I should really be over that crap by now. I get curious about former boyf*****s, especially when I haven't talked to them in a while (4 months, 9 days). I don't like that word. Boyfriend. I have friends that are boys, so logic would have it that they are my boyfriends, but they're not. And when you have a boyfriend, is that really the best term to call him? Anyway, I just wish I knew what he's been up to.

I just realized that David Pelletier is really hot (is that how you spell his name?) I never really liked athletes, figure skaters even, but his little button nose is too adorable for me to not like. And other things.