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Wednesday February 06, 2002

Praise God Almighty

Praise God Almighty, stats class has been cancelled. I walked into the psych building, sniffling and coughing and grumbling against my family for giving me this flu/cold (whatever it may be) when I saw it: that beautiful little sign on room 220 that said my teacher is not in. Yay. Now I can go back to bed. I just wish I had some more Tylenol Cold to get high off of, because at the moment all I have is a half-empty box of Sucrets. That's okay. Class cacellation makes up for everything.

I do have a lot to do today, though. I have four mini-paintings to do for color theory. They're due tomorrow, which means that they'll still be wet. I hate using oils for this class... you have to do everything a week early to get things to dry on time. That project will probably take me a good 4 hours or so (at least). I work slowly. But for now, it's sleepy time.