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Thursday January 31, 2002

I'm a psycho artist. Or an artsy psycho.

Okay, I just got back from my color theory class. I'm not feeling so inadequate anymore. I think I'm doing pretty well. Holding my own at least. I'm thinking maybe I really can do this stuff -this art stuff. I'm behind, but I'm a fast learner. I keep telling myself, Drina, you're talented. Don't worry about it. It's just that I've been turning out crap for the last, uh... my whole life. But I'm comparing myself to other students, and I think I can hang with the rest of them. I'm not out of place here. I think.

I want to do art. Psychology is cool, and I'm doing well in there too, but I want to do art. And that's exactly what I'm going to do. My action plan? I'm going to work my butt off the next couple months to put together some quality pieces. Then, I'm going to enter them into the student show this May, hoping I get something in. Maybe do something for the Mill (campus literary & art publication), but submissions are due February 22nd. I hope I can do something. From there, I spend the summer in art classes.

This will happen. I'm going to make it happen. And I'll get my degrees (art and psychology) and I'll figure out my next move from there. I feel like running back to the art building and picking up my paintbrushes right now.