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Wednesday January 30, 2002

The foolish abound

I just got an e-mail petition to bring back prayer in school. When did it ever leave? Okay, so kids aren't forced to pray anymore. They never should have been in the first place. What happens if Islam (the fastest growing religion in the US) becomes more popular than Christianity? You want your kids to be forced to say Muslim prayers?

Now, I'm not trying to pick on muslims. Substitute any other set of beliefs, I still doubt most people would let their kids go to a school where they are forced to say or listen to prayers of a different faith. By the way, praying isn't illegal. There are plenty of opportunities to pray at school. Whether by joing a religious club or doing it silently. Why does prayer have to be loud and obnoxious? Any in any case, if you want your kids to be God-centered, that's your job, not your kids' teacher's.

Sorry, I had to vent about this one. I'm really tired of Christians getting a bad name just because some people want to be pushy.