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Monday November 26, 2001


My friend is on crack.That's all I have to say.

I still have to finish my altruism paper. Well, I sorta have to start it, actually. Only 10 itty bitty little pages. Really 9 1/2, because that 1/2 page always counts as one. So, I have all the research, I just have to write it down. And make that stupid presentation, too. But I have some good news, I got my developmental psych paper back (the one I did at midnight the night it was due) and the comments were, Excellent lit review, superior paper, 3... Cool, no? An btw, a 3 means I have an A, so I was so pumped when I saw that. Not that anyone gives a damn about my paper, but it just feels so good to get that thing off my mind.

After this semester is over, I'm going to sleep three days straight, then party three days straight, then paint three days straight. And shop, and wrap gifts, and stuff like that.